Continued Growth in Deployments and Sites

Plug Power is

Leading the commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell technology

  • Plug Power owns 95% of current market share for hydrogen fuel cells in the material handling space
  • We defined our first market as material handling, understanding the clear ROI for customers
  • More in-the-field customer experience than any competitor
  • Deep understanding of both the market and the technology

Leveraging our proprietary and flexible ProGen fuel cell engine platform

  • The modular design of our ProGen Platform enables mass adoption
  • Original equipment manufacturers can easily integrate into their systems
  • Flexibility drives penetration into new markets including ground support equipment and commercial on-road applications
  • ProGen stacks have enabled a 15% increase in fuel efficiency and run-time relative to the stacks used in earlier GenDrive models

Expanding our market position in material handling applications

  • There is a significant opportunity to unlock value in our first market (>$30bn addressable market)
  • Geographic Expansion: Strategic relationships throughout Europe and recent addition of Carrefour, the world's second largest retailer as a client: Extension of GenDrive product design addressing comparable use case requirements
  • Existing Clients : Considerable opportunity to sell additional services to existing customers
  • New Clients: Value proposition is clear. Our relationships with some of the largest names in retail, enhance the visibility of the benefits of our solution to the marketplace

Replicating success achieved in first market

  • We have the roadmap to monetize the natural progression of hydrogen fuel cell technology
  • We have leveraged our technology to transition from concept to first commercial designs for on-road applications
  • ProGen has allowed us to pursue opportunities outside the US, particularly in cases where sustainability factors are of concern and there is room for investment in hydrogen fuel cell infrastructure

Delivering strong and predictable revenue and bookings growth

  • Predictability of revenue and deployments expected to have meaningful impact on our financial performance
  • Our commitment to leveraging growing economies of scale and cost down initiative is materializing into margin expansion
  • Plug Power is effectively managing its balance sheet and prudently utilizing the capital markets to secure the necessary funding to lower its overall cost of capital and pursue attractive growth opportunities