Changing the Way the World Moves

Plug Power has been the first to commercialize hydrogen fuel cell technologies, with demand from a large addressable market searching for more sustainable and efficient power sources.

In material handling we were able to successfully identify a market in which the value proposition of fuel cells was clear. Our fuel cell engines now power over 40,000 forklifts, and we have leveraged this success to grow our footprint across transport, stationary, and portable applications.

An Impressive Record


1st to create a market for hydrogen fuel cell technology


80% Blue Chip Customers


719MM+ Operating hours


150 Patents


>8x Since 2013

Embracing a Powerful Trend

We see significant momentum behind the trend towards the electrification of vehicles, driven by economics through lower total cost of ownership and higher efficiencies, and enabling higher asset utilization and increased levels of autonomy. Long-term sustainability factors are also an element for lower emissions and renewable sources of energy. Hydrogen is a logical compliment to the suite of existing alternative power solutions and offers clear advantages that position industry leaders to capitalize on an enormous opportunity.

What’s Next?

We have applied our suite of turnkey solutions to a large and growing first market in material handling, including blue chip customers in North America and Europe. Our continued focus on product development drives us towards profitability and provides flexibility to pivot into adjacent markets as well as new applications and geographies.

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