David Mindnich

David Mindnich, Executive Vice President of Global Manufacturing

David Mindnich joined Plug as Executive Vice President of Global Manufacturing in 2021. As EVP of Global Manufacturing, he is responsible for optimizing the performance of Plug’s growing number of global manufacturing facilities.

He is focused on building out a robust talent pipeline of global employees who have extensive experience in engineering, production, manufacturing, and design. With a thorough understanding of the frontline workforce impact, Mr. Mindnich is building a solutions-oriented team that continues to push the boundaries of innovation – significantly expanding the accomplishments of Plug Power’s day-to-day manufacturing and operations.

Prior to Plug, Mr. Mindnich spearheaded operations for Tesla’s first-ever Gigafactory in Nevada, leading a team of more than 5,000 employees to strategize and execute manufacturing, production, engineering and maintenance functions at the world’s largest battery and powertrain manufacturing facility. During his career at Tesla, he and his team enhanced many of the factory’s performance metrics across multiple business units, including increased efficacy, savings, and quality.

Prior to Tesla, Mr. Mindnich held senior manufacturing roles for other global companies, including International Game Technology and Trex Company, Inc. He earned his MBA from the University of Phoenix and bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University.