Meryl Mallery

Meryl Mallery, Vice President of Engineering

Meryl Mallery is the Vice President of Engineering where she is responsible for the design and development of products to support the growth and profitability of both the Applications and Energy Business units. She is focused on innovation and driving products to the next level of performance to support the build of the green energy roadmap. She leads engineering teams across the globe which includes test and material laboratories to develop fuel cell and electrolyzer products. She also collaborates with the executive team to develop product roadmaps, is an active partner with the Plug JVs, and drives continuous improvement opportunities to enhance operational efficiency and is building and developing a team to support our goals.

Prior to joining Plug, Mrs. Mallery served as the Vice President of Engineering at Ensign-Bickford Aerospace and Defense. She became Vice President of Engineering in 2015 after serving as the Project Engineering Director from 2011 to 2015. As Vice President, she led the engineering team, which designed and developed innovative solutions to meet the needs of the Aerospace, Missiles and Warfighter markets for flight termination, rocket stage separation, satellite deployment and military breaching. Mrs. Mallery has more than 25 years in the Aerospace Industry. In this most recent position, she was responsible for research and development, and product development across multiple markets and customers. She led several strategy initiatives including the recent development of a rapid prototyping center, buildout of a new electronics Center of Excellence, and development of a lean product development process.

Mrs. Mallery holds a bachelor’s in mechanical and aeronautical engineering from UC Davis and a master’s in mechanical engineering from Penn State University.